Caudon® Product Systems

A range of Caudon® systems are available for different wildlife species and to suit different environments or time periods for which they are to be installed.

Permanent Newt Fencing

Permanent Newt Fencing
A permanent newt fencing system manufactured from a 4mm recycled HDPE board. Supplied with 50x50mm wooden stakes, screws, corner pieces, pitfall traps (with floats & mammal ladders) as required.

Semi-permanent Newt Fencing

Semi-Permanent Newt Fencing
A lighter 1mm gauge, flexible fencing system for newts, other amphibians and reptiles. Supplied with 50x50mm wooden stakes, Caudon clips, screws, pitfall traps (with floats & mammal ladders) as required.

Temporary Newt Fencing

Temporary Newt Fencing
An economical fencing system for newts and other amphibians or reptiles. Supplied with 37x37mm wooden stakes, screws, washers, pitfall traps (with floats & mammal ladders) as required.

Water Vole Fencing

Water Vole Fencing
A 3mm guage wildlife fencing system designed specifically for the exclusion of water voles. Supplied with 75mm round wooden stakes, screws, corner pieces as required.


Caudon® products have been developed by Legacy Habitat Management Ltd to provide secure, cost effective wildlife fencing barriers. 

Legacy Habitat Management has nearly 20 years experience in the wildlife fencing market and is the UK's leading installer, and supplier of newt fencing, water vole fencing, badger fencing, reptile fencing, amphibian fencing and other wildlife fencing materials via its e-commerce website: . 

The design of these products has evolved with experience and are currently the only complete wildlife fencing system available for purchase. Caudon® offers value for money, strength, durability, and peace of mind.

Caudon® newt fencing products have been designed in accordance with the 'English Nature Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines', and with many years of experience and consultation with ecologists.

Specialist Wildlife Fencing Systems

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Wildlife Fencing is the leading supplier of wildlife mitigation products in the UK. We can deliver orders next day nationwide.

Orders can be placed online via the website, or over the phone by calling:

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If you would be interested in becoming a stockist for Caudon products, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.


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Newt fencing systems can be installed exclusively by Legacy Habitat Management Ltd in continuous length for up to approximately 200 metres, minimising joins in the material. This produces a very robust system in a lighter guage material.

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